TABLECLOTH Lappland - White


Tablecloth in 60% natural linen and 40% organic cotton.

Measures: 3 x 1,40 meters (9,8 x 4,6 feet) - As this tablecloth is hand-sewed, the dimensions may slightly vary.

Main colours: off white as background colour and light grey-green in the margins.

This eco-design features sub-arctic flora species from the Swedish heathland: the Lapland rhododendron, blueberry, Lapland creeping ferns, the tiny snow lady blooms, and arctic violet, among others.


The tundra is characterized by the absence of trees, but herbaceous plants that survive the long, dark winters germinate in spring along with lichens and fungi. The soils are permanently frozen, and have a short vegetative period. The endemic shrubs of these latitudes flower and bear fruit very quick, since they have to take advantage of the few months of light and absence of snow.