We believe in the long term.


For this reason, our pieces are designed to be timeless and long-lasting.

At Martsen Studio we believe that there is nothing more sustainable than buying less and do it well, that is why we advocate for making slower and more thoughtful purchases.

We are convinced that slow living is key to encouraging new habits that will be beneficial to all. We are an eco-brand that sets out to accomplish, encourage and ultimately suggest a better way of living through a conscientious collection of enduring, beautiful pieces inspired by pristine ecosystems around the world.

Martsen Studio considers sustainability to be a core company value. Slow fashion is not only about making sure we source the best materials, it also means that the people who create our garments are treated and paid fairly and that the printing process is done in a way that is sustainable and deliberate.

The Fashion Industry is the second largest consumer of water, producing 20% of wastewater on the planet. It is because of these statistics that Martsen Studio decided, after a long research among the best alternatives, to digitally print all the designs.

Digital printing technology

Traditional processes of dying and printing textiles puts a great deal of strain on local eco-systems worldwide as well as the raw material resources of the countries that traditional printing companies operate in.  On the other hand, digital textile printing has an extraordinarily low consumption of electricity, water and pigment colour usage. 

Digital textile printing not only offers the Fashion Industry an elegant and cost effective production system that creates an equally high quality printed fabric, it also allows for our industry an opportunity and alternatives to creating beautiful fashion while dramatically reducing the negative impacts on local environments and the planet at large. 


 Our long-term vision involves joining in the recovery of the European industry, by supporting local suppliers and being part of the ecological transformation.