One of our core values is traceability and transparency with our customers, so you know how your piece is done, and its origins.

For us, it is important that you buy consciously, knowing who is behind our products, and the laborious process to reach this special piece you will have in your hands.

Every single design has a long creation process:

1. Hand-painted designs:

The inspired Artista paints in watercolors, on paper. Usually, a unique draw takes days to get fully finished.

2. Digital composition:

With the latest technologies, the watercolour is transformed in pixels, to say it simple. Once digitalized in ultra HD, the composition work begins. Each design takes several weeks of work, until the final archive is polished.


3. Stamping in natural silk:

We work with the best collaborators around, and, lucky us, we have not needed to go so far to find them. We work hand-by-hand with 100% European providers:

  •  We select only certified premium organic silk to stamp. It comes from Lago di Como area, in Italy.
  • We use non-toxic inks, awarded non-fluorinated German technology, specialized in long-lasting high definition of colours. We do make sure there is ZERO discharge of chemicals in the environment. 
  • We partner with local tailors in Spain, to guarantee ethical labour conditions  and quality of workforce. But for us, the most important is to work very close with our suppliers to have full visibility on the production, shoulder to shoulder with the artisans.

4. Handcrafting:

Once stamped, each piece is hand-washed with ecologic and soft detergents, rinsed with middle warm water, and open-air dried. 

Then, once the fabric is ready, it is hand-sewed, with edges hand-rolled meticulously. This is a very artisanal work, done with high care. 

When ironing, we review the quality of the final product, to make sure there are no stains or wrinkles. At this stage, we have it almost ready for you.



5. Preparation for delivery

Once we receive your order online, we prepare your selected piece in a special box, designed to protect silk and last for decades.
And we deliver!