We have designed sustainable long-lasting packaging for you to keep your garment in optimal conditions for decades.

We are delighted to present you our gold foil blocked Martsen Studio boxes, 100% recyclables, made of low-impact materials coming from FSC certified forests, considered the benchmark in responsible forest management throughout the world. 

Our boxes are totally reusable, as we want to foster the implementation of circular economy systems.

 The dimensions of our boxes have been designed having in mind the optimization of space during transport. And 100% made in Spain, to shorten distances, because we work closely to promote local businesses and reduce emissions from transport. We go hand in hand with all our suppliers, who share our vision, to ensure we leave the least possible footprint on the environment.

We want to keep mimimal wrapping to avoid plastic and excess packaging, so we only use gold tissue paper to protect the silk piece inside the box until it arrives to your hands.