Perfect Looks for Next Year's Weddings

Suitable for all types of weddings, pants can be combined with tops, blouses with volumes, or with original pieces such as the Martsen Studio scarves, by

Love for Nature and Painting, Two Passions United in a Craft Work

In the interview conducted by Telemadrid, the artist Marta Larsen reveals how she makes her unique watercolor designs inspired by nature. (min 19:59)

Martsen Silk Scarves Among Our Famous Faces

Businesswoman Nuria March attends Roberto Verino's new fall-winter 2023 collection with the Classic natural silk scarf knotted around her neck, by Vanitatis magazine.

The World is Small, We Can Take Care of It

The designer and artist Marta Larsen presents in the Fuera de Serie magazine the hand-painted natural silk pocket square, a symbol of sobriety and elegance of the male accessory.

Hoymagazine - Martsen Silk Scarves Also Trending as Summer Sarongs

The trends seen on the beach and that you should sign before the end of the summer.

Martsen Silk Foulards, the Ideal Luxury Complement for Any Season

Art-to-wear pieces, eco-designs, representing the most vulnerable and endangered flora and fauna. Timeless designs with natural silk fabrics that complement the daily look.

Mantel de lino y algodón orgánico sobre mesa cuadrada en terraza

Martsen Studio Presents the Table Linen that will Dress our Table this Season

The scandinavian firm that transforms what it paints by hand into special products such as linen and organic cotton tablecloths, according to Revsita Hostelería

Martsen, a Journey between Flora and Fauna

Global Fashion Export, the professional magazine aimed at the fashion industry, publishes about the event organized in Madrid by the Martsen Studio brand to show its unique luxury designs and pieces.

Martsen, Art-to-wear Designs that Embody the Beauty of Ecosystems

FEARLESS, the first sustainable luxury magazine chooses Martsen Studio for capturing the beauty of ecosystems in its collection.

Nuria March wearing a Martsen Silk Scarf with Roberto Verino at the launch of his Fall-Winter 2023 Collection.

The guest friend of Galician designer Roberto Verino, Nuria March, appears at the presentation of his new autumn-winter collection at the Hotel Madrid according to Finally40 magazine.

Martsen, Art and Design for Companies

Martsen Studio presents its unique designs and luxury pieces at the Rosewood Villa Magna Hotel Madrid.

Martsen, New Collection of Natural Silk Scarves born from Watercolors

Mocca Magazine presents the new collection of the Scandinavian brand Martsen Studio, made up of pieces whose designs are born from watercolors.

Martsen Tablecloths, a Sustainable Option for Table Decoration

Smartlightning Home magazine presents the collection of tablecloths full of life and colour by Martsen Studio, as pieces of art to dress the table.

Hand-designed Organic Cotton and Linen Tablecloths

In Publica S.L. we can discover the table linen trends that will dress the table this new season. Martsen's Origins collection, a successful recommendation for the Autumn/Winter season.

Lapland tablecloth from the Scandinavian firm Martsen Studio with Lapland flora motifs. By Casas de Campo