MAXI Proteas


Carré in 100% pure natural silk Twill.

Maxi size: 136 x 136 cm (53.5 x 53.5 inches) - As this scarf has hand-rolled edges, the dimensions may slightly vary.

The Proteas eco-design is stamped in organic silk, and features the biodiversity of the Proteas flowers, which exist more than 1700 different species, spared mainly in South Africa and Australia.

Proteas are fireproof, they can be reborn naturaly after a fire. This species is admired by botanists because its shape changes drastically several times throughout its life.

This design has a nude background colour, framed with a flattering mulberry tone.

This carré retains all the qualities of an iconic accessory, making it a truly timeless piece. 

Original Artwork here