MASK Serengeti


Original Artwork here

Reusable certified mask in 100% pure natural silk Twill cover. Inside, an ultra-light non-vowen fabric of high resistance.

Protection over 96% against virus, bacteria, fungus and microorganisms.

Breathable, with a water repellent coating.


Unique size - ergonomic adaptation with no pressure system for the ears.

The Serengeti eco-design is stamped in organic silk, and features the spectacular cheetah, nowadays clasified as a vulnerable species, surrounded by bushes found in its natural habitat: the african savannah.

Cheetah is the fastest land animal, it can reach 112km/h in just three seconds. As sprinting at such speeds uses a lot of energy, this emblematic predator´s chase is usually limited to 300m, and lasts less than a minute.
Original Artwork here