MASK Iguazu


Reusable certified mask in 100% pure natural silk Twill cover. Inside, an ultra-light non-vowen fabric of high resistance.

Protection over 96% against virus, bacteria, fungus and microorganisms.

Breathable, with a water repellent coating.


Unique size - ergonomic adaptation with no pressure system for the ears.

The Iguazu eco-design is stamped in organic silk, and features the colourful macaw, characterized by its beautiful plumage. This species lives in rainforests of South America, surrounded by tropical vegetation like the Adam's rib plant.

This spectacular bird has always been admired, it was considered as a deity by pre-Columbian civilizations, and bred in captivity during the last centuries all over the world to have them as pets or in zoos.

Nowadays, the Guacamaya is protected internationally, and its comercialization is totally forbidden.

The background colour is bright mustard, the border has a brown tone.

Original Artwork here