Carré in 100% pure natural silk Twill.

Classic size: 90 x 90 cm (35.4 x 35.4 inches) - As this scarf has hand-rolled edges, the dimensions may slightly vary.

The Riviera eco-design is stamped in organic silk, and features different endemic species of the Caribbean sea. Seashells, the red octopus and tropical fishes like the queen triggerfish cohabit in the Mayan Riviera. Its white pearl background contrasts beautifully with the coral red tone of the frame.  

Octopuses are totally unique molluscs: they have three hearts, nine brains, blue blood, and if they loose an arm, they can regrow limbs.

Conserving coastal habitats is vital for protecting shorelines, feeding and sheltering marine life, storing carbon, and buffering the effects of floods and storms.

This carré retains all the qualities of an iconic accessory, making it a truly timeless piece. 

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