TABLECLOTH Riviera - Black


Tablecloth in 60% natural linen and 40% organic cotton.

Measures: 3 x 1,40 meters (9,8 x 4,6 feet) - As this tablecloth is hand-sewed, the dimensions may slightly vary.

Main colours: black as background colour and ocher in the margins.

This eco-design presents different endemic species of the Caribbean Sea.

Shells, the red octopus and tropical fish such as the queen triggerfish coexist in the Riviera Maya. Octopuses are absolutely unique mollusks: they have three hearts, nine brains, blue blood, and if they lose an arm, they can regrow their limbs.


The conservation of coastal habitats is vital to protect coastlines, nurture and protect marine life, store carbon, and buffer the effects of floodsand storms.